My name is Trinity Park and I'm from South Korea. I came to Canada in 2013 with my two dogs, Bokie and Odeng. I became a self taught baker and used to sell baked goods at Farmers markets. One of many things I sold with baked goods was this unique wet tea. 

Trinity’s Tea was inspired by 'Yuja tea' from South Korea.

It is a traditional tea made with a citrus fruit, called Yuja. Every winter in South Korea, we harvest Yuja and slice it very thinly then mix it with sugar and enjoy the tea during the cold winter months and cold drinks during summer. It has a lot of Vitamins so it's good for colds and it tastes delicious so a refreshing hot cup is a perfect way to start your day.  


I changed the traditional recipe and added pure honey as well as slices of ginger to aid digestion. It's also great for cold and sore throat.


Our friends and family loved this tea so much that they encouraged me to share my tea with others.  That is when I decided to start selling it at farmers markets and Trinity’s Tea Original was born!